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"Penalty fever".  - Excitable penalty shootout game. Lead your club to the title in this UEFA Champions League - like competition.

Two other leagues are also available: PF with Italian clubs  and PF Brasil

Please, note that tables for Penalty Fever Brazil are being updated every 10 minutes.


"Flash Striker".  Your team-mates are far behind and you are left alone in the oponents' penalty box. Use all your dribbling and shooting skills to score goals and qualify for the next round. Pick one of 10 different competitions - from the "World cup" to the "Copa Libertadores", with more than 300 teams. Another piece of art from the Flashfooty's football workshop.
"Kick off".  Another quite fun football penalty shootout game. This time, you take the roll of the shooter and goalkeeper of your country's team. The goal is to win the World cup. But, the opponent on the last level is not from this world. Literally.
"Free kick mania".  Choose your player, and kick the ball into the net. Each player has certain skills which help him to score from certain positions. Easy game, with nice graphics. Unfortunately, it seems too easy to be interesting for a longer period.
"Coat of arms test". This is a simple relfex testing game. Remove all pairs of matching English football badges from the board as fast as you can. My friend's personal record is 121! Can you be faster?
"Flash dribbler".  - Weird football simulation. There are six opponents, and you are alone. Keep the ball in your possession and make as many dribblings as you can.

"Sexy Soccer" is a shootout game in which you will try to undress the lady with your precise shots. You will need some practice  to accomplish it.

"Drop Kick" - legendary volley shootout game. Aim your player with mouse and try to score enough goals to reach the next World cup round.
"Shoot 'em in" - addicting football game, make your free kick with all your imaginations. Move the player inside the halfcircle with mouse, and try to score. Don't forget about the wind. Physics of the ball flight is done very well. This game is an example how simple idea with good realization can result in a nice game.

List of some additional football (and other) games:

"King of Defenders". In this game you take control of England footballer John Terry. Click the ball in the best spot to hit it into the goal after the corner kick.
Global championships 3 on 1 Billiards
Soccer Pong Mini putt 3 Air hockey

Flash basketball

Pocket soccer
Tennis game

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